Music and Sound Studio

We believe music should be a part of every child's life - everyday. Our music program is made up of three parts: full group music (in the classrooms), small group music (in the sound studio), community music (everywhere else). Our hope is that every child will be totally immersed in the language of sound and music. Our philosophy is inspired by the schools of Reggio Emilia, the research of Edwin Gordon, the writings of Susan Young, the traditional music of North America, a choice selection of modern music and by the music made within our own community - by both parents and children. In 2012, we transformed an office space into a sound studio equipped with a wide variety of instruments and recording equipment. It is our hope that children can see and hear their work and share their experiences with you.

Why Music?

  • Respect the "hundred languages" of the child
  • It is the right of every child to learn music
  • One's aptitude for learning music is most impressionable before the age of 5
  • Music learning supports all learning

Why Sound?

  • Respect the multiple intelligences of humans
  • Young children are highly sensitive and receptive to all forms of sensory information
  • We value the element of prepared environments: we seek to be as deliberate and thoughtful about the child's auditory experience in the classroom as we are with the visual experience

Our Music Program is made up of three parts:

Full Group Music

Every child in their main classroom

WHY? Every child should be given the opportunity to reach their own musical potential

Small Group Music

Teacher/child's choice in the sound studio

WHY? For some children, music or sound is the most immediate "language."

Community Music

Every child in the classroom and home

WHY? Those who spend the most time with a child should model a playful and joyful relationship with music